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Get ready for uni

Designed by students for students, Uni Ready is your ultimate guide to a seamless transition to university study.

Hear from current university students about their experiences and get tips and tricks for studying at uni and acing your assessments.

Going from high school to uni can be both exciting and overwhelming. There are so many questions – what will I study, how is uni different from high school and where can I get support? 

To help answer these questions and many more, we’ve created the Uni Ready Toolkit. Designed with students like me, to help students like you, Uni Ready will help you navigate the leap from high school and thrive as a uni student.

Think of Uni Ready as a choose-your-own-adventure.
You can explore the content in any order at your own pace whenever needed.
You’ll find animations, tips and tricks and student stories from those of us who’ve walked in your shoes – all there to make your journey from high school to university as smooth as possible.

Let me show you how… 

To help you get the hang of uni’s more ‘on-your-own’ style of learning, we’ll cover the differences between studying at uni compared to high school. 

You’ll learn to “Study Smart” as we explore hands-on study techniques and the best ways to manage your time effectively. 

We’ll introduce you to the kinds of texts you’ll encounter as a student and give you the tools and terminology you need to ace your assessments! 

You’ll learn to apply logic and evaluate evidence. Whether you study Law, Chemical Engineering, Philosophy or Medicine – critical thinking is a crucial skill that underpins all academic success. 

Don’t forget, you’re not on this journey alone – we’ll walk you through how to find academic help and find the right folks to turn to for support.

Like me, I’m sure that your time at high school has had some incredible moments and its fair share of challenges. But look at you now. You’ve made it!

As your new journey begins, take the Uni Ready Toolkit with you along for the ride and thrive!

What to Expect

To prepare for your journey ahead, get the inside scoop on university study from current students. 

Getting Support

Discover effective strategies for accessing academic support during your university experience. 

Study Smart

Elevate your study game with valuable tips and tricks for success in your academic pursuits. 

Acing Assessments

Learn what to anticipate in university assessments and how to ace them. 

Thinking Critically

Hone your critical thinking skills, which are essential for success in all university disciplines. 

Meet the students

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